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It's important for you to understand the tenets of equitable distribution. This does not necessarily mean an equal division of martial property. Instead, it means a fair division. You deserve what is rightfully yours, and Clark-Ford Law Charlotte, NC is here to help you get it.

Spousal support is also a key issue. Amounts awarded by the court can vary greatly. Clark-Ford Law can help you understand the process as it relates to your specific situation.

Alimony is similar to spousal support, but it's paid after the divorce decree is issued. Clark-Ford Law can help you understand the determining factors related to alimony and will work hard to make sure that you get the best results possible.

Clark-Ford Law can help you with your divorce case. During this difficult time, you need a knowledgeable professional by your side.

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Clark-Ford Law provides premium legal services to meet your needs, whether you require assistance with family law matters, child custody law, child support or divorce proceedings. Our law firm specializes in providing legal services that you can count on - and we have the experience to back up this statement.

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Clark-Ford Law offers personalized services designed to address your specific areas of concern. When you need to talk with a professional one-on-one, we can help. If you need assistance, we will make ourselves available to suit your schedule. You can even get assistance most weekends and evenings by email.

Our firm is a client-focused practice that works hard to make sure you get the legal representation you deserve.

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Value billing is offered to make sure that you get the most for your money. As an attorney with 10 years experience in family law, including working for a family law judge, Melissa Clark-Ford can help you and your family. You can enjoy having an expert advise you at an hourly rate, so that you don't have to pay for downtime.

Our legal professional has been practicing for 10 years and knows how judges like to see evidence presented. Give us a call at 704-552-3785 for reliable legal services that place your best interest first.

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