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Put Clark-Ford Law on Your Side

Clark-Ford Law can help you to obtain custody based on a set of key factors. Legal rights will give you the ability to make decisions regarding your child's health, welfare, education and religion. We will also advocate for custody arrangements and scheduling that fits your needs. You may want primary or joint-custody options.

Changing Custody Arrangements

Modifying custody is another service that Clark-Ford Law in Charlotte, NC can assist you with. If circumstances change, information can be brought to court to update the specifics. As children get older and time goes by, new custody arrangements may need to be made to benefit your child.

Contempt of Custody occurs when someone is not following the custody agreement. There are many ways that this can happen, from one parent withholding the child to a child being dropped off late or being privy to disparaging remarks about the other parent. The court can hand out fines or jail time or award truancy depending on the situation. In many cases, the attorney fee will also be paid by the other parent.